Tankerton Slopes, just outside Whitstable, is an area of common land between the town and the seashore. It has brightly coloured beach huts and steep paths that lead down to the beach. The Slopes stretch for over five bus stops from Whitstable Castle eastwards to Jo Jo’s resturant.


Tankerton is a combination of beach, promenade, grassy esplanade and retail/ catering facilities.


Marine Parade


The tranquil setting offers a rural getaway for those looking for safe bathing and well managed facilities. From the attractive Marine Parade promenade grassy banks gently slope down to a shingle beach characterised by pretty wooden huts and an established sailing club.

At low tide a long pleasant walk can take you right out to sea – ideal for paddling and exploring rock pools and sea life.

Tankerton’s distinctive grassy area makes a perfect sport for a family picnic or simply for relaxing and taking in the magnificent views


Wooden huts in Tankerton


Excellent Hotel and newly refurbished pub have range of seaview seating areas.

The 50 metres inland is Tankerton high street has interesting range of shops, cafes and restaurants and of course a bus services that during summer can bring you straight here from Canterbury quite often.

The Tankerton Slopes are popular with families during the summer, where they play on the green and swim in the sea.



Wooden huts in Tankerton


Tankerton is the sea place which I loved more the coloured huts are amazing and believe me or not is possible to swim at the beach here.

When I lived in Canterbury, during the summer, if the weather was good, I used to come here over the weekend, just to enjoy the beach and the view, I was not brave enough to take a bath, however there is low water period in the afternoon which allows you to walk for a while into the water.


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