How do you create your Travel Itinerary?


Everytime I start to plan a travel I’m feeling excited and frustrated at the same time, as immediately  I recognize that I can’t see everything I would like to see in the area I’m planning to go.


Therefore, I need to take some difficult decisions and determine what to visit and what not and sometimes the choice can be very hard.


On my website,,  I would like to post some tips about how to make these tricky decisions a bit more easy or at least saving you to blame yourself during a vacation which should be a pleasant time and not a stress:



  • You can’t see everything, no way you can visit everything you would like to see, even if you decide to move there, so take it easy;
  • Save some experiences for your next trip, when you need to decide which place to visit between two or three that looks the same to you, in terms of importance, take a breath and think that in a way or another there is always a possibility for you to be back, so start to populate also a parallel wishing list for your next travel in the same place.
  • Makes your Plan B, based on what written above don’t forget to take some time also to get few info about places that you are going to enter in your wishing list. You never know what’s going on once there, maybe due to unexpected weather conditions, strikes, delays, you will be requested to change your plans at the very last moment, so having a ready plan B will allow you not to waste your time searching possible alternatives in a hurry.
  • If you are not traveling alone take into consideration what are your fellow traveler preferences. If you are borne to organize travels (like me) probably your family, friends, partner will let you propose the itinerary, well, don’t forget that you are not traveling alone, so any time you need to choose between two options that sound the same to you, think about what your fellow travelers will like more and go with it.
  • I was not born for organized tours, I know that there are travel agencies which will promise you to visit one country in one day, well do it by yourself. Use tours only if you have a limited amount of time to spend in one location and you want to see as much as you can, conscious that you will have just  a flavor of that area or when is really difficult to get there on your own. Personally, I prefer to organize alone my itinerary, look at the public transports too, you will be surprised how many times you can find a way to reach a place spending the same time and saving a lot of money compared to an organized tour.

The tours even if are usually well organized, requiring you to spend the most part of your time on buses then  you will need to manage a fixed time for each stops, and sometimes they include also visit to “shopping places” where they have agreements in place which is limiting your free time once more.





Are you traveling alone with your children?

You know that my blog is mainly focused on this topic indeed within you will be able to find itineraries that are already tested and can be done easily with your children, however in case you want to try something different, let me provide you with specific tips, you can always reach me out with your questions:



  • Keep in mind that is not a solo travel, even if you have little kids, take some time to sit with them exposing your itinerary, don’t decide everything on your own and moreover listen carefully their opinions not minimize them. Don’t think that when you be there, it will be different because it won’t, children have a clear opinion more or less on everything today. Not sure that it will be good for your mood having a naughty kid with you the day you do that excursion you thought it was a must to have.
  • Privilege places in the open air, based on the season, country, town I usually try to minimize the visit to the museums. If you are planning one week off, just include one or two museums not more. I would rather suggest you to visit archaeological places in the open air, skipping the museum at the entrance for example. However, a museum is always a good plan B for an unexpected rainy day.
  • Plan some activities specific for your children, based on the age of your kids and their preferences organize one or two activities just for them, can a be museum for kids, an amusement park, a zoo, you will be surprised but everybody will love it. Even if you are sceptical let’s do it and you will discover how beautiful is to spend time in harmony with your children as the most important things at the end are the sensations, the bond of affection that you will create with them during your vacation. You will bring these feelings forever more than the oil painting of an important painter you seen in one of the museum visited.
  • Plan new experiences for your children. Experiences makes a  travel not only the places. So look to do something unusual. For example try to include different way of transports, not only the car but  train, boat, balloon and why not an helicopter it will be expensive but good memories are moneyless.
  • Not overprotect your kids. I know very well what is the feeling when you are traveling alone with  your children, you  feel so much more responsible especially because  you are the only adult traveling with your children in a foreign country.

I imagine you are planning the travel in a way that everything will be perfect but …. life is not perfect, so why a travel should be?

Let them try real life experiences not just touristic ones. Try to avoid real risks, but let them know how is having a life in that country/town whatever and if something wrong happens?

Well… life,  you will survive and you be surprised about how great you managed the issues occurred.  This will became a lesson for the entire life of your family more than any luxury experience you can plan for them.


And last but not least my secret tip…. Are you still struggling about two different options… pick up the ones which will bring you out of your comfort zone and I can promise that you will remember this trip forever.


And now what else…. Lets’ go, I wish you that your next travel will be the best ever.

If you have more tips that would like to share with me just comment this post or write me at:



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