A Restaurant for Two


On Travel At Breakfast, the story about my first experience having a dinner in a posh restaurant with Groupon.

Lorenzo and I decided to go out to dinner, just the two of us, which is pretty much an event in our family especially when you have two children.

We wanted to try something different, and I visited Groupon website, to look at the offers near Milan (as we wanted to get out of the city for a while).

I found this coupon offered by Villa Fabrizia a resort located in Bertonico, a small town closed to Lodi reachable in less than one hour from Milan.

The cost of the coupon was not so cheap (69 euros, with just one calice of wine included) but this restaurant proposed a fancy menu and the website said that they also use to do molecular cuisine which was something we wanted to try.

The restaurant, via Groupon, offers you three choices a fish, a meat or a vegetarian menu.

You can buy a dinner for two or for four in any case all the guests should have the same menu, a calice of wine is included. We chose to try the fish menu.

The location is very nice, a wonderful villa surrounded by a big garden.

When we arrived we were very well welcomed by the waiters and the sommelier, I noticed that we were the only one but I thought other people were expected, however they offered us to visit this splendid place that is used mainly for weddings.





This location offers also a suite that the just married couple can use for their honeymoon, after the tour I definitely was sure that we were the only guests for that evening.





I was a bit embarrassed to have all that space just for us however we enjoyed the dinner. The menu was composed by:

A starter offered by the chef a baccala with  coffee cream along with a calice of Prosecco.




To start snapper with passion fruit and a cauliflower bavarese.



Then we had paccheri with sea ragù au contraire, which means that you have this large type of pasta called “paccheri” empty and you need to fill them with the fish and the vegetables placed on the other side of the plate, it was very funny as we had our “personal” waiter explaining us how to eat this dish to enjoy all the flavors and personally I felt like a baby.


Then we had San Pietro fish the scent of dill, with soft potatoes, crispy leek, brussels sprouts and other seasonal vegetables.





To end the dessert, a parfait au chocolat, which was the only dish that I not liked as the sponge cake which was served along with the parfait was smoked and this smoking smell covered every other flavors.





However, generally speaking I liked the experience, especially the possibility to try a different type of cuisine in a beautiful location and the fact to have the entire villa just for us made this a perfect and romantic date.


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