Certainly being so close to Europe helps infuse Ramsgate with a cosmopolitan vibe.

South-facing Ramsgate is proud of its status as England’s only Royal Harbour.


Eleonora and I have been in Ramsgate to have a dinner with some friends of mine so we arrived in the late afternoon always by bus, to have more info and timetable about how to reach Ramsgate by bus, (we got here from Canterbury), visit  “StageCoach website” and plan your visit.


Unfortunately arriving late in the afternoon Eleonora and I had not a lot of time to visit this nice little town. Anyway, we had the chance to explore a bit this charming and maritime town, and what impressed me more was the harbor.



Ramsgate Royal Harbour

Ramsgate Royal Harbour

South-facing Ramsgate is proud of its status as England’s only Royal Harbour. King George IV granted its Royal designation in 1821 in appreciation of the town’s hospitality when he embarked with the Royal Squadron from Ramsgate for Hanover. The harbour has played an important role through recent history, as one of the main embarkation harbours during the Napoleonic wars.


Operation Dynamo during WW2 was launched and an assortment of yachts, motor cruisers, fishing boats and other small craft assembled at Ramsgate, before crossing to Dunkirk to ferry men from the beaches to waiting ships. Sit enjoying the view at one of the many surrounding stylish bars, cafes and restaurants.


It also boasts its very own Meridian Line. Five minutes and 41 seconds ahead of GMT.


Eleonora and I before the dinner stayed at one of the waterfront bar which was  a delight as said with a cosmopolitan feel.


Eleonora and I had the dinner in a pretty restaurant near the Ramsgate Harbour the “Empire Room” a cosy restaurant with nice rooms and a well priced menu.


I had the King Prawns as a starter and the lamb as main course while Eleonora had the cod, all the plates were lovely. At the end Eleonora and I divided the chef’s dessert plate that was very nice.





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