My name is Sonia, I live in Italy with my partner and our two kids: Eleonora and Francesco.

Travel at Breakfast brand was born after several requests from my friends who are taking advantages from my suggestions for their vacations and after realizing that moms really only trust other moms on any given subject.

Travel at Breakfast Blog is mainly dedicated to all women who want to travel alone with their kids, as only a mom traveling with children can really attest to a hotel’s child friendliness.

Moms continue to tell me how brave I am travelling alone with my kids, well I’m not brave at all, I just like to travel and dedicate time to my children.

I think it’s really important that each parent spends time with their children, creating unique situations outside the normal family routine. As a family we decided that beside the family vacations, I can take extra time to travel alone with my kids.

Travel has been always my passion and now there is nothing more interesting for me that to see places around the world, which I have already seen or not, with my children; see locations, museums or landscapes with their eyes, hearing their questions and their thoughts it is moneyless.

At the end of any travel the most important souvenir I can bring at home it is the experience I had travelling with my kids, which is what I would like to report in this blog.

All the posts you will find in the Travel at Breakfast Blog are my life, even if I lived in UK, I am not a native speaker so I beg your pardon for any grammar errors.