My Crazy Maternity Leave

When Eleonora born, I decided to start immediately to travel with my bundle of joy.

On Travel at Breakfast the reportage of my crazy maternity leave.

While I was on maternity leave Eleonora and I started to travel alone, or following my partner who was travelling for work. While my husband was working Eleonora and I spent a lot of time  visiting cities on our own.

Eleonora and I started travelling together when she was three months old and before she was one we have been:

And then….back to work for me and welcome to the nursery for Eleonora

I would say that travelling with a baby is not so easy, I remember we packed our car as we need to move into a new house.

I used to bring everything for Eleonora: a suitcases just for her with dresses of different weight, the stroller and a cradle in case I needed to rent a house and they don’t have a spare one.

To feed Eleonora, during the first six months, I used to bring with me at least 4 empty baby bottles and the powder milk. I bought also a practical doser, so I could have all the meals for the day out, then I had the sterilisator for the baby bottles and the bottle warmer.

When I weaned Eleonora I was crazy enough to bring with me on top of all the other things mentioned above, a baby robot, this genial device allows you to blend and cook the food, following the instructions you could have a perfect meal for the baby.

In this way, I was able to cook for Eleonora fresh and organic food every couple of days.

Once cooked I used to fill at least a couple of jars and keep them into the frigobar if I was in an hotel or in the refrigerator if I was in a house, so I could have the meals and the fruits for the day, once out I just asked to the waiter to warm it for me.

Basically, I had an entire house with me, moreover I prepared a First aid kit with: physiological saline for the nasal washes and a tons of homeopathic products for the cough, the flu, the teethes and the eyes, an antipyretic and a fever thermometer.

At this point you can imagine how crazy I am, however I need to say that my approach totally changed when Francesco borned, as I travelled with him as well but….beside the stroller and the dresses, I always asked for a cradle, I used to brought with me all the staff for feeding him before the wean but after that I always asked to the hotel to provide me with vegetable soup with meat or fish everything mixed accurately and of course I used, in case, the same First aid kit.

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