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This post on will tell you about my experience flying First Class with Emirates from New York JFK to Milano Malpensa.


Emirates has been named the best airline in the world in TripAdvisor’s Travellers’ Choice Awards for 2017.


The luxury experience with Emirates really starts before you get on the plane.


I had a fast track card which is complimentary to any first or business class flight, to speed through immigration, which is very good to have especially in such big airport as NY JFK where the queue is always long, after that I went straight to the lounge level (which is allowed also for travellers on business class) as in my opinion the shopping area in JFK is not so attractive, therefore I really preferred to enjoy this delightful experience.


I like the idea to have fresh food cooked at the very last minute along with a good selection of wines, beers and liquors. There is a restaurant area in the lounge where you can help yourselves with a high selections of delicious food, from the first island you can have cold starters, cheese, fruits and desserts.


I tried hummus with Naan Bread, fresh Salmon, and the Roquefort cheese as you can imagine I’m not on a diet.


From the hot dishes you have a large choice between pasta or rice, meat or fish and vegetarian dishes as well, I choose an Indian vegetarian dish.


I tried sparkly white wine, a sort of Prosecco, with the starters and a red one, a sort of Barolo, with my main course and at the end I couldn’t resist to have an espresso with butter biscuits.


After all this food I just enjoyed the confortable armchairs that give you the possibility to plugin your stuff and recharge all your devices, needless to say that a free wi-fi is everywhere and you can have also local and international newspapers or magazines such as Vogue or Marie Claire.


The toilet area is amazing, quite big, with the possibility to take a shower upon request, they also offer you all that nice products to wash your hands and a hand and body cream.


Basically, if you are travelling late in the evening which is the schedule from NY to Milan you can enjoy a proper  dinner at the lounge and once on the plane just enjoy your flat seat and be waked up in the morning for a fresh breakfast. But as I was in first I couldn’t just sleep for the rest of the flight without trying what a first class service offers.





When boarding as a first or business class passenger, you’re greeted and escorted to your seat by a flight attendant and offered complimentary Champagne (a real one I would say).


I had a spacious cabin with sliding privacy doors and the kind of amenities that you’d expect to find in a four stars hotel, also a mini-bar with soft-drinks, water and snacks.


If you have a night flight you can turn down the ambient lighting, choose your entertainment, and relax in your private cinema, while the leather seat reclines and becomes a lie-down bed. I received an extra complimentary “duvet” and soft “pillows”. In front of the seat I had also a vanity table to help me for the night and the day ahead.





Upon arrival in the cabin, I found a wash bag filled with fragrances and toiletries by luxury fashion house Bvlgari, perfume, body lait, face cream, toothbrush, Colgate toothpaste, and whatever luxury you can think about. The First Class kit for women is beige and has a leather feel and touch.





I also received a nice felt pouch bag and in there I found a pyjamas created for First Class customers travelling on overnight flights which use Hydra Active Microcapsule Technology locks in the moisturizer so you can wash and wear them again, this treatment should keep your skin soft while flying. The fabric gently releases naturally nutrient as you move around, preventing dehydration and stimulating circulation. In the bag along with the pyjamas I found matching slippers and an eye mask.


So once worn my night first class suite I was ready to enjoy my first class experience, unfortunately to tell the truth we had a very bad experience because the weather, we took off 1 hour later from the schedule and we had turbulences for the next one hour or so, I was looking outside while thunders and lightings scared me, also the dinner was not served because the bad weather so I missed the possibility to eat the caviar.





After experienced the storm, I needed to relax and you can do that enjoying a range of treats while watching movies on the interactive touchscreen TV, which is big enough to see the last movie selections. Soft drinks are provided in an automated mini-bar…along with snacks …but you can always go to the bar. It serves premium spirits, exclusive wines, Champagne, and cocktails — including Dom Perignon. There’s enough room to stand and talk to other passengers around the bar if you like socialize or just stretch your legs.


I decided that I needed to freshen up and you can do that during your flight at 40.000ft, as you can book a slot in one of two onboard showers and spas. The SPA has heated flooring and each passenger is given five minutes of running perfect temperature water during their 30-minute session where I used the selection of Bvlgari toiletries and signature Timeless Spa products.





Once you’ve finished pampering you are ready to replenish your energy as when you return to your seat, your assigned shower attendant will have left a fruit plate with honey and a detoxifying fresh juice just waiting for you.


Regionally-inspired gourmet meals can be prepared for you and are served on Royal Doulton bone china. Your suite can be transformed into a mini dining room by the flight attendant. I had an healthy breakfast in the morning with a selection of pastries, coffee, fresh fruit and juice, jam and pancakes with icecream and fresh strawberries.


Once landed Emirates treats its first class passengers like royalty – and also allows them to disembark before anyone else on the plane, but the service offered by Emirates not ends here, if you are travelling in business or first you can have a complimentary limo service which bring you at your hotel or whenever you need at the arrival and at home when you returned, in this way I saved the money of parking my private car at the parking airport which is usually very expensive, moreover as I was suffering jet lag, I could sleep on the limo without thinking of the traffic or to drive (there are miles limitations and extra cost if you exceed them just check before on the website).


If you need more info or do you need any tips traveling with Emirates just drop me an email and I can help you to identify the best experience for you travelling with this company, write me at info


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