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Travelling alone with Eleonora


Travel at Breakfast Blog is mainly dedicated to all women who want to travel alone with their kids.


When I had my second child Francesco, even if Eleonora is a very good elder sister, I noticed that, she deserved to have her mummy back for a while.


So I started to think what I could do to spend some time only with her, and at the end it was natural to think to continue to travel alone with her as we did in the past but now this became much more interesting for her too, as I started to involve Eleonora much more now, we use to decide together the destination, plan the travel, look at the hotels and agree all the activities we want to do together.



In my website travelatbreakfast.com you will find the stories of our trips, I hope you enjoy all of them:


  • Genova and Le Cinque Terre (Vernazza and Monterosso)
  • Venezia and the Islands (Murano, Burano and Torcello)
  • A Tour in Netherlands using only public transports visiting Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Zaanse Schans and the region of Waterland (Broek in Waterland, Monnickendam, Marken, Volendam)
  • 2018 – Naples and the Amalfi Coast


However, if you are planning to do the same or if you wish to do a similar extraordinary experience but you have some concerns about how to do or where to go don’t hesitate to contact me writing at: info@travelatbreakfast.com or visit my instagram profile: #travelatbreakfast1.


I’m sure that together we can write a page of story for your family.


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