Dover is a town with beautiful bays and beaches, coastal walks, unique piers, fishing boats and yachts in the marina. Dover is not only a seaside place, is an historical town and from Dover you can take tours to see the stunning White Cliffs.


To go to Dover from Canterbury it takes a while, more than one hour because the traffic in Dover, which is a quite big city if compared to other Kent’s towns we visited, however I think is a shame to be there and not spend a day in Dover.


Eleonora and I during our first trip in UK, stayed in Canterbury but visited a lot of nice towns in Kent area via bus. From Canterbury bus station you can buy a ticket to Dover, visit: “StageCoach website” to have all the info and timetable.


We did a couple of amazing experiences here, terrific for children and adults.

One was visiting the Dover Castle which is stunning.

The castle is part of English Heritage (visit, and what impressed us a lot was to see how this has been used during the second world war and the recreation that have been done, very accurate indeed, with lights, sounds, and even smells.

By the way this can impress a bit the children, so you need to explain very well in advance, that everything they will see during the visit to the castle is not real, but has been recreated from the past, when the world war was on going and therefore see how lucky we are today, living in a still peaceful country.


Below an abstract of what is possible to see and to do at the Dover Castle more info at  the



“The Great tower: Step inside the Great Tower and you will be immersed  in a medieval palace like no other. You will be transported to a world of courtly intrigue and royal ambition, as you experience the vibrant colour and rich furnishings of one of medieval England’s most important castles. On Selected dates throughout the year you can also meet the royal court of King Henry II.


The Underground Hospital: which is very impressive, as you can experience the sights, sounds and smells of this authentic underground hospital.  You will be transported during the 2WW and follow the dramatic journey of a wounded WWII pilot, fighting for his life as he is rushed through to the operating theatre. You will see the living conditions in the tunnels and hear about the difficulties of treating injuries in such close proximity to falling enemy bombs.”


In May 1940 the greatest rescue of all time took place, masterminded right here deep within Dover’s secret wartime tunnels. See, hear and feel the danger as the events and people from the Dunkirk evacuation are made real. Journey through the tunnels deep beneath the castle as special effects, projections and real film footage bring this dramatic rescue operation to life.


During the First World War, the Dover area was officially designated as a fortress with Dover Castle acting as a military headquarters.


Discover the oldest surviving lighthouse in the country, and one of the oldest in the world, the Roman Pharos.  Once used to aid navigation by Romans across the English Channel from France.

Next door to the lighthouse is the Anglo-Saxon church of St Mary in Castro.

The working church was partly rebuilt in the medieval era, and was restored by the Victorians after many years of neglect.


Descend at your own pace into the eerie, winding medieval tunnels, burrowed beneath the castle during and after the Siege of 1216.  These covert defences protect the most vulnerable side of the castle from attack.”

Within the castle walls moreover there are several places offering a wide variety of refreshments. From snacks and sandwiches to hot food, with an emphasis on home cooking and local ingredients. Vegetarian, gluten and dairy free, as well as children’s options are also available.


Eleonora and I had a snack here before to go to the second attraction of the day.

The fascinating White Cliffs of Dover.

Eleonora was excited by the possibility to take a boat and navigate through the Dover port until the famous White Cliff.


The White Cliffs of Dover



The White Cliffs of Dover are the most famous symbol of the Channel port in Kent.

The White Cliffs are a recognizable landmark to those approaching the port of Dover from the English Channel. But not only people on the sea can wonder in their beauty. Thousands of people walk on the cliff’s top paths during the season and enjoy the unique flora and fauna that can be found only here.



The White Cliffs of Dover



Eleonora and I decided to have a boat tour and once on the boat we had a great trip with very informative commentary and all the children were invited to steer the boat.

We learnt a lot about the history of Dover and got to see the great white cliffs whilst listening some classic song, a fantastic, conclusion for our day in Dover.


Are you planning to visit Dover? You can write me at: for tips or suggestions.